Jennifer Safanova Super Shoot; Hip Hop Culture Center; Harlem, NY

Be a part of Harlem history….

Be a part of the Safanova Inc., photoshoot at the infamous Hip-Hop Cultural Center of Harlem. The Center is making history with the recent continuous 24hr “Rap-a-thon” that broke a Guinness book of World Records event, as well as joining NYC’s radio station Hot97 in the recent “Summer Jam 2007” and other events & educational venues.

The history begins now…!!!

The Center is scheduled to officially open in September 2007, and we are honored to host this event at this historic site. With the “rebirth” of Harlem coming to life, the teams of Safanova Inc., Mistic Motion Multimedia, Inc., and the Cultural Center of Harlem have joined forces to make this event possible.

Attendees and sponsors of this event will be preferred to be a part of future events and possibly get support and exposure through the HHCC, Safanova Inc, and Mistic Motion Multimedia.

“Get your fashion Photo” on, as well as being part of history at this venue that Safanova Inc., is putting together…

Interested models; check out more information on the shoot HERE!!!





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  1. Awwww Yeah, Jen; we will be there in full-affect :)))) Kudos to you and your efforts of getting this and yours moving. Looking forward to meeting you. looking and coming up with Will in August ;)!!!

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