Artist of The Week: Patricia Chica


One of my favorite modern artists is Patricia Chica. The best place to catch her is on myspace. Her page is Patricia is a creative video director, digital photographer, all around visual artist and a great person to match. She describes her style as “glam, retro, vintage, pinup, burlesque, artistic, punk, rock, goth, erotica, hardcore, underground and definitely provocative!!!” Be sure to keep an eye out for her latest project “Rockabilly 514”

Since my directorial debut in 1990, my motivation has been to blur the line between fine art and commercial work. In the past decade I have been involved with Montreal’s underground music scene as well as working professionally on various artistic projects that combine technology, alternative fashion and design and that always with a touch of sensual provocation. Driven by originality; I always try to push forward the creative boundaries of storytelling by focusing on innovative techniques for narration and daring post-production effects. However, my visual style is more than just poetic, as it is often described as gritty within a humanistic setting.

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