The ‘Object’ ivity of Art, realized; never ‘Found’ by Dune-Micheli Patten


“By the time Robert Rauschenberg completed the first of his Cardboards in 1971, he had already been breaking ground as an artist for twenty years. He first gained international acclaim in 1958 when he exhibited twenty of his Combines at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City.”This is how the programme reads for the retrospective exhibition of ‘Cardboard Combines’ which are on exhibition at The Menil Collection. Cardboards and Related Pieces, at The Menil collection is on view through May 13th; so if you haven’t yet seen this wonderful exhibition then I strongly suggest you go. It was much better for me, as an artist, to forgo looking at the works during the opening hoopla and come back to experience the works on a personal and intimate level. Once you see these works I am certain you will instantly come to know what I mean in regard to a personal and intimate experience with the works.

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