Wet Paint Syndrome 2006

For those of you who never had the chance to check out Wet Paint Syndrome last year, you should definitely check out the Summer 2006 issue which was a PDF based zine. We have since decided to keep the publication web based.

Wet Paint Syndrome 2006

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Hello world!

Welcome to Wet Paint Syndrome. Originally released as a single issue PDF, WPS is now fully web-based with optional downloadable content. Wet Paint Syndrome is a non-profit cooperative of global artists. WPS was created to provide a creative marketing environment for all established AND emerging artists from all over the world.

We came about from the efforts of creative individuals with the desire to facilitate interaction between artists and viewers of art within the global community.

Wet Paint Syndrome was conceptualized and created by W. David Snizek and made possibly through a joint vision with mixed media multi-visual Houston-based artist Dune-Micheli Patten.

Wet Paint Syndrome: “The secret little things we do in life when we think others aren’t looking or when our curiosity is aroused by a sign that is posted telling us not to do something. Inspired by the corridor that you walk down for 20 years without touching the walls. Then one day you smell fresh paint and the corridor has been roped off with signs that say “Don’t Touch – Wet Paint.” An overwhelming urge comes over us to touch the wall.”